swimsuit model Yulia

Proud Feminist activist swimsuit model Yulia. Supporting FreeTheNipple campaign in Summer photoshoot

Original was uploaded on 2022-06-27


Free the Nipple” is a campaign that fights for women to be shirtless free of harassment and judgment. The movement challenges the convention that men are allowed to be topless in public while it is considered indecent or sexual for women to do the same. The Free The Nipple campaign is about pushing back on a society that views women’s bodies as inappropriate and the shame this creates for women’s body confidence.

Brave young Russian swimsuit & glamor model Yulia, a proud outspoken Feminism activist , does a beautiful summer photoshoot in her home country of Russia.This powerful demonstration supporting the Free The Nipple movement is done with absolute class and grace. Trying on a few bikinis and enjoying summertime by the pool, showing her strong solidarity in the fight for Women’s

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