Slow motion Camo

Camo Booty Buttcrush leggings try on! Ride proof?

Original was uploaded on 2022-03-14


Leggings durability test time!

Still stocking up on a butt-ton (ba dm tshh 🥁) of new ride proof leggings. Testing ‘em out to see if they’re indeed ride proof and squat proof. These dudes have passed the test perfectly so far!

Leggings Brand: Booty Buttcrush Ride Wear

Leggings Colour: Forest Green Bouncy Booty

Ride test: So far so good, that is until we can hit the trails and test em out further on a real ride. So soon i can taste it! 🤤

So far they get a 10/10 for great stitching/strong, durable material.
Lots of flexibility.
10/10 for comfort as well.
Hope they work just as well in the real world in Spring! ☺

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