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Boudoir | Nude | Make Sexy Photos with Attitude and Poses

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Hello everyone, here’s a short trailer of my upcoming video.

I’ve been receiving some interesting questions from fellow photographers and people who follow me channel regarding to my photoshoots, how do I find the models , how do I prepare for the photoshoot and how I choose my themes.
In my next educational video series, I will be showing you my full photoset with behind the scenes footage showing my communication with my model, my photoshoot plan and though process of the boudoir | nude photoshoot.

I will be mostly touching to mental and philosophical aspect of the photoshoot and whys and hows behind it.
Here are the highlights of the topics I’ll be showing and giving tips about.
– How to Prepare for the photoshoot in photographer’s perspective.
– How to prepare for the photoshoot in model’s perspective.
– How to choose outfits, themes , lingerie and underwear for to photoshoot.
– How to find models .
– How to choose correct make up .
– Differences between professional or amateur models
– Is being inexperienced as a model important?
– How to make your model comfortable?
– How to avoid tacky and cheap poses during photoshoot
– How to listen to your model, how to adjust things according to her style.
– How to respect her privacy and create artistic nude or fine art photos.
– What NOT to do during photoshoot and poses to avoid.

More importantly I will be trying to show, teach and talk about art, aesthetics and respecting models and women.

Feel free to ask and address questions down below the comment section, I will answer all your questions in my next video next week.

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You are special and I really appreciate your support.

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