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Review: SUMMER JUMPSUITS Plus Size Curvy| Elke

Original was uploaded on 2020-06-23


Love these new Summer Jumpsuits plus size curvy fashion. The harem jumpsuit I found on Amazon. The other 3 pieces I got from which I love because they have unique pieces that you can’t get anywhere.

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About Elke:
Elke Madler (ElkeLifeTV) was born and raised in Germany where began modeling at the age of 14. After finishing college with majors in English, Business and Economics.As Elke grows as a brand, she’s since welcomed a stunning daughter into her life, Jayla. Who is an active working model with prestigious agency – LA Models.

Elke strives to keep consistent with her love of fashion, incorporating various fashion and product review on her social platforms while promoting body positivity (later to include Lifestyle and Parenting in Hollywood). On her social media, you’ll see Elke post body positive photos mixing it in with her “momager” life. She constantly works towards pushing herself as a fashion loving, body positive, empowered woman while juggling the life of a mom to a young fashion model.

She is very well traveled having visited countries like France, Italy, Costa Rica and making her home in Los Angeles, Calif. She describes herself as one of the first Caucasian models in the urban modeling industry, expanding her likeness online. She previously trademarked Elke the Stallion, into a brand that was recognized all over the world — but now prefers to just go by just ELKE. (You can find her and her million subscribers on Instagram!)

Elke has been feature in music videos with familiar recording artists such as Outkast, Eminem, 50 Cent, D-12. In addition, she’s been feature in publications such as SMOOTH, SMOOTH Girl, ASIS, Straight Stuntin’, Hip Hop Weekly and more. Her national television show appearances span from s TLC’s “LA INK”, was mentioned by Jay Leno on the “TONIGHT SHOW.” In Germany she was feature on one of the biggest television shows “PRO 7” where she was filmed for her own segment on “TAFF” a show that can be compared to “EXTRA” or “ACCESS HOLLYWOOD”. Featured interviews include SIRIUS Satellite Radio on shows such as “The Drama Hour” with DJ Kay Slay, “The Cipha Sounds Effect” and “MAXIM Radio” as well as “PLAYBOY Radio”. TMZ has even been noted to go crazy over her curves on various segments, comparing her to “the Statue of Liberty when the first immigrants came to the USA.”

In the near future, she and her daughter will ideally work as a mother – daughter fashion duo with different backgrounds, one learning from the other.


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