Squats 😍

Cheeky Blue Buttcrush Brand Leggings Try on! (Squat Test.)

Original was uploaded on 2022-01-24


(Little delay at the beginning as I psyche myself up to squat, cause leg day is obviously the least fun day. 😂🤣)

Durability test: Weighted Squats

Leggings brand: Booty Buttcrush (as usual, since almost all other brands I test tear apart lol.)

Purchased in the colour: Cheeky Blue; honeycomb

These dudes get a 9/10 for durability and stretch.

Probably 9/10 for not being transparent, they’re only really see through if you pull em up a lot. I don’t mind this part either way, as long as they hold up!

With a solid score of 9/10, these are good leggings.
These baddies will be able to withstand riding when the spring hits! They have mega strong stitching, and soft, comfortable material. Lightweight and thin, so they’ll be great for running, and riding in the trails. That’s all I needed to know! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks for checking out the never ending leggings try on journey. 😊

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