Skin tight deadlifts 🍑

Booty Leggings VS Deadlifts

Original was uploaded on 2022-01-26


here’s another little test gem from this past oh~so fun leg day. 🙃🥲
(yes, my quads shiver shake when doing deadlifts, especially when i try and keep em still 😂 should see them when lifting to failure/the most i can lol!)

leggings vs deadlifts.. who shall prevail!?

brand: booty buttcrush leggings
colour: cheeky blue; honeycomb

durability: 9/10 ✅ perfect, no tearing or feeling like they’re about to explode off my butt 💥
comfort: 10/10 ✅ feels like wearing nothing, which is awesome. i dislike tight clothing and usually dress like a homeless person lol
transparency: 8/10 ✅ kinda see through in certain light, but meh 🤷🏻‍♀️ will wear to ride and no one will examine close enough to care lol.
material is breathable and cool. perfect for ripping around/running when sweet, sweet summer finally arrives to free us from hermit life n garage riding lol. 🤤

Thank you for checking out this never ending leggings try on journey. (For those who are new, I do this in memory of all of the leggings/pants/shorts that have torn off my booty in such public places as: my high school gym, my local public gym, the local public library; bending down to the lowest shelf, sliding, riding trails far away from home, and many more pleasant experiences of the like.) RIP 🪦 and may i be forever prepared in the future to avoid this, now.🥲😂
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