See through leggings 😍

Purple Buttcrush Brand Leggings Try On (Durability test!)

Original was uploaded on 2022-01-14


These sweet leggings are by the brand: Booty Buttcrush (You guessed it!)

Purchased in the colour: Purple Kush Tush

I’ve taken these leggings on a little still bike tabata training mission, and they’re awesome!

I give them a 10/10 for durability and stretch. Great, strong, stitching.
Soft, comfortable material.
They do fail in the see through category, though. 😂 7/10 there, but it’s all good.
Seems like these gems will be able to withstand some riding when the spring hits! That’s the main thing for me.😍

Next up, I’ll be making sure they’re also squat proof, and deadlift proof.
I love the way they show off my curves, and their lightweight material is awesome.
Let me know if you like the colour and look. 😊

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