More see through tights 😍

Pt 2! – Buttcrush Brand Leggings try on. Butt are they Deadlift Proof? (see what i did there 😏)

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Part twoooo!

Test #2: Deadlifts

Leggings brand: Booty Buttcrush

Purchased in the colour: Purple Kush Tush

I still give them a 10/10 for durability and stretch.
Great, strong, stitching.
Soft, comfortable material.

They still do fail in the see through category 😂 7/10 there, but it’s all good.

(I recently bought an orange pair of a different brand, but they split wide open in the butt. Those get a 0/10 lol. I posted a few snaps of the fail over on our Patreon page because it was kinda funny. Too bad, cause I enjoyed the orange! I’ll have to find them again in a better brand. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

With the solid score of 10/10, it still feels like these baddies will be able to withstand some riding when the spring hits! ..Without splitting in the trails.. hopefully. lol.

Thanks for checking out the never ending try on journey. 😊 Check out our Patreon page if you wanna see the post workout massage. Mmm massage. 🤤

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